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March & District Community Archive -

March places

As far as possible street scenes are arranged using the Fountain as a central point and radiating outwards.

Acre public house across the river from Grays Lane 2005

Acre Mill Map~1900

Acre Mill and River Nene from Town Bridge ~ 1910

Acre Mill from the west 1966

Acre Mill from Acre Road with Rose & Crown public house 1972

Audmoor House High Street 1998

Bettabuy Catalogue shop Broad Street December 2005

Binnimoor Pumping Engine 1939

Bowser, Ollard & Bentley Solicitors Broad Street December 2005

British Legion (Royal) Rookswood Road 2005

Broad Street from above Town Bridge ~ 1890

Broad Street War Memorial 1929 with many changes noted

Broad Street War Memorial 1973 with many changes noted

Broad Street 1973

Broad Street with first floral displays 2005

Broad Street west side December 2005

Broad Street Dartford Rd corner Co-op Travel, Graham Dack Solicitors 2011

Broad Street Nationwide Building Society 2011

Broad Street Thing-Me-Bobs 2011

Broad Street Walkers Bookshop closing 2011

Broad Street Marshall's Sports Wear & Leather Goods 2011

Broad Street Fenland District Council 'One Stop Shop' 2011

Broad Street Public Toilets near Town Bridge 2011

Broad Street from Town Bridge December 2005

Broad Street The Fountain 2007

Broad Street from The Fountain 2011

Broad Street Norwich & Peterborough Building Society Hiltons Corner 2011

Broad Street Harrison Murray Estate Agents 2011

Broad Street Greggs Bakers formerly Bakers Oven 2011

Broad Street Tesco Express and Main Post Office 2011

Broad Street Superdrug & Fenland Walk 2011

Broad Street Europa Eastern European Foodstore formerly Harwayes 2011

Broad Street Cancer Research UK shop 2011

Broad Street Birthdays card shop 2011

Broad Street Holland & Barrett formerly Julian Graves 2011

Broad Street Heron Foods formerly Woolworths 2011

Broad Street Boots The Chemist 2011

Broad Street W H Smith 2011

Broad Street Specsavers 2011

Broad Street Clarks Shoe Shop White Hart Buildings 2011

Buds shop High Street next to West End DIY 2000 (John Abbott)

Butler's Butchers Shop High Street (opposite Gas Road) 1915

Butler's Confectioners & Pork Butchers shops The Causeway 1933

Carpet Warehouse Broad Street December 2005

Centenary Baptist Church 1931 Arthur Giddings plaque

Central Bakery 33 Broad Street <1960

Chequers Public House ~ 1900 and 2011 changed use

Church Street 1980

Cooper John Solicitors Broad Street December 2005

Courthouse High Street (closed 1970) 1998

Creek Road Sainbury's Supermarket in Mill View 2011

Creek Road Cairo Terrace Built 1899 2007

Creek Road Clovelly Villas 2007

Creek Road Fernleigh Houses 2007

Creek Road March South Level Crossing 2007

Creek Road and St John's Road Junction 2007

Crown Buildings High Street 1957 & 1998

Dartford Road Palace Building Ambiance Clocks & Gifts shop 2011

Dartford Road Palace Building Blinds & Awnings corner RGF Lane 2011

Dartford Road Shah Jahan tandoori Restaurant 2011

Dartford Road Middle Level Offices (1904) 2005

Dartford Road Middle Level Offices for sale 2010

Dartford Road North District Infants School 2005, 2011 (closed 1984)

Dartford Road Fagus 2011

Dartford Road WMS Music 2011

Dartford Road 4b Julie's Bakery 2011

Dartford Road Post Office - Royal Mail Sorting Office 2011

Dartford Road Johnson's Ironmongers Regent Buildings 2011

Dartford Road Pilgrim's Ford Garage 2005

Dartford Road 'Hammer & Anvil' public house 2005

Dartford Road, Phillips 'Ever-Sparkle' pop factory ~ 1925

Dartford Road Diana Tandoori former 'Jack of Trumps' public house 2005

Darthill Road Facet Charity Shop 2011

Finefare Supermarket Broad Street 1973

Gault Wood

Grandford House sale £1000 1927

Grays Lane Guys and Dolls hairdressers at 1A 2005

Grays Lane entrance to West End 2010

Graysmoor Pits frozen with skaters ~ 1983

Gun from World War 1 beside Town Bridge~ 1925

Guys and Dolls hairdressers at 1A Grays Lane 2005

Harradine's Butchers Shop High Street (opposite Gas Road) 1915

Hilton's Shoes Broad Street 1973

High Street 1897 decorated for Queen Victoria's Golden Jubilee

High Street shops north of Acre Road opposite the Market Place 2011

High Street shops south of Acre Road opposite the Market Place 2011

High Street March Quality Meats opposite the Market Place 2011

High Street Fashion Wheel opposite the Market Place 2011

High Street and Market Place Ye Olde Griffin Hotel 2011

High Street RSPCA Charity Shop and Boon & Potter Men's Outfitters 2011

High Street Dobsons Leisurewear 2011

High Street Co-op Foodstore & Cambridgeshire Times Office 2011

High Street shops south of Burrowmoor Road 1998

High Street 87-89 1982 and 2014

High Street former Edgoose's carpet shop and Post Office 2010

High Street former Edgoose's curtain shop 2010

High Street 127-129 former Secondhand Furniture Shop 2010

High Street shop, Jam Office Supplies, opposite St Peter's Road 2010

Hippodrome Cinema & Bingo Hall Dartford Road 2000

Hippodrome for sale 2010

Hostmoor Trading Estate Martin Avenue Focus DIY & Gardening 2011

Job Centre Crown Buildings High Street 1998

John Cooper Solicitors Broad Street December 2005

Johnson's Square cottages <1960

Library in West End Park with giant floral Kingfisher 2005

Little London Map ~1900

Little London during demolition 1970 with 2004 comparable views alongside where possible

Longhill Road wind turbine near Whitemoor Prison from Creek Road 2007

Market Place The Square / Exchange / Royal Exchange Public House 2011

Market Place Town Hall 2011

Market Place Bowser Ollard & Bentley Solicitors 2011

Market Place Harrison Murray Estate Agents formerly Pocklington's 2011

Market Place The Loft Ladies Hairdressers 2011

Market Place Grounds & Co Estate Agents 2011

Market Place Fenland Citizen Office 2011

Market Place Sharman Quinney Estate Agents 2011

Market Place and High Street Ye Olde Griffin Hotel 2011

Marylebone Road ~ 1980

Marylebone Road old Riverside Surgery with the funny roof ~ 2003

Marylebone Road old Riverside Surgery from footbridge over the river 2004

Marylebone Road new Riverside Surgery evolution 2004-2006

Meridian Marker 4 miles west of March 95 miles north of Greenwich 2010

Middle Level Offices (1904) Dartford Road 2005

Mill View off Creek Road Sainbury's Supermarket 2011

Miller G W Bakers & Confectioners 33 Broad Street ~1960-80

Morton's Granary Station Road 1958 with three Bedford delivery trucks

Nationwide Building Society Broad Street December 2005

NatWest Bank Broad Street December 2005

Network Rail Maintenance Depot at Whitemoor 2004

Oliver Cromwell Hotel (formerly Crown Buildings) High St 1998-2000

Oliver Cromwell Hotel complete and open 2002

Ollard & Bentley & Bowser Solicitors Broad Street December 2005

Penny Farthing Garage ~ 1925

Phillips 'Ever-Sparkle' pop factory ~ 1925

Phillips 'Ever-Sparkle' pop factory inside ~ 1955

Phillips 'Ever-Sparkle' Ice Cream Soda label

Pilgrim's Ford Garage Dartford Road 2005

Prince of Wales Public House. G Hastings drawing ~ 1940 plus history

River Nene cleaning ~ 1900 near the Railway Bridge

River Nene and Acre Mill from Town Bridge ~ 1910

River Nene with steam hauled coal barges ~ 1915

River Nene Mr Goakes pleasure boat ~ 1945

River Nene Alfred Fox sailing ~ 1948

River Nene from looking west Town Bridge 2005

River Nene from Marylebone Footbridge 2007

River Nene and Town Hall from Town Bridge 2007

River Nene nesting swans 2008

River Nene near Marylebone Bridge from West End Park 2010

Riverside Surgery evolution 2003-2006

Robingoodfellows Lane Station Road corner The Wheel Centre 2011

Robingoodfellows Lane The Wheel Centre Goldcrest Dry Cleaner 2011

Robingoodfellows Lane The Wheel Centre Sublime Beauty 2011

Robin Hood Public House ~ 1925

Rookswood Road Royal British Legion 2005

Rose's 'Penny Farthing' Garage ~ 1925

Rose & Crown Acre Road ( 2014 The Acre) public house 1972

St John's Church 2005

St Mary's Church 2005

St Mary's Church after the horrendous fire 2010

St Peter's Church 2005

St Peter's Church tree felling and church revealed 2011

St Wendreda's Church 1980, 2005, 2007

St Wendreda's Church one of the 118 angels in the roof 2008

Ship Inn Amelia Habbin licensee 1917 - 1934

Shoecraft of March High Street 1998

Shoecraft of March High Street 2006 propped up

Snooker Club High Street (former Courthouse) 1998

Signal Box March South Level Crossing 2007

Station Book Stall 2010

Station Road Methodist Church ~1996

Station Road mortgage of Steam Laundry 1910

Station Road Robingoodfellows Lane corner The Wheel Centre 2011

Station Road The Wheel Centre Mullers Cafe 2011

Station Road Aromadrome 2011

Station Road Creek Road corner Christian Bookshop 2011

Station Road Westgate Department Store Anglian Co-op 2011

Station Road Diamond Chinese Restaurant 2011

Stone Cross ~ 1930s

Swimming Pool Open Air 1966

The Acre (formerly The Rose & Crown) public house 1972

The Causeway Field Row Cottages 1982

The Avenue the Stone Cross ~ 1930s

The Avenue No.2 1998 home of Eric & Frank Bridgestock

The Avenue The Long Eight demolished to make way for Cavalry Park

The Avenue The Stars Public House on the corner of Church Street 2012

The Fountain 2007

Thing-Me-Bobs Broad Street December 2005

Town Hall and River Nene from Town Bridge 2007

Town Hall from the Market Place 2011

USA Chicken Broad Street December 2005

Walkers Bookshop incorporating Thornton's Broad Street December 2005

West End Bank House 2005

West End from Grays Lane entrance 2010

West End, Phillips 'Ever-Sparkle' pop factory ~ 1925

West End Portland House 2005

West End 'White Horse' public house 2005

West End former 'White Horse' public house from West End Park 2010

Wheel Centre nearing completion from Broad Street 1973

Wheel Centre 2011

Whitemoor being converted into Network Rail Maintenance Depot 2004

Wisbech Road 'Bar 23' 2005

Wisbech Road bungalows 13 and 15 ~ 1950

Wisbech Road Hollington House beside Fire Station 2005

Wisbech Road 'Men of March' converted to 'Bar 23' 2005

Wisbech Road Stagecoach Bus Garage 2005

Wisbech Road Unwin Associates corner of Norwood Road 2005