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Rates Books

These books were rescued from a rubbish skip when March Urban District Council was ended and March became part of Fenland District Council. As you will see from the gaps; some books had already been destroyed.

The ratepayers are listed in alphabetical order with the property owner listed alongside obviously these are in no order at all. Our long term ambition is to make an index for these volumes which is a huge task. If there is anyone interested with IT and weight lifting skills please contact us.

This first group of books are large but manageable.

1838                Hamlet of March.  Relief of the Poor

1855                Township of March.  Relief of the Poor

1857                Township of March.  Relief of the Poor

1858                Township of March.  Relief of the Poor

1860                Township of March.  Relief of the Poor

1863                Parish of March.  Relief of the Poor (III vols)

1866                Parish of March.  Relief of the Poor

1871                Parish of March.  North Witchford Union

1873                Parish of March.  North Witchford Union

1874                Parish of March.  North Witchford Union

1880                Parish of March.  North Witchford Union (II vols)

1887                Parish of March.  North Witchford Union

1892                Parish of March.  North Witchford Union

1893                Parish of March.  North Witchford Union

1885                Parish of March.  North Witchford Union

1895                Parish of March.  North Witchford Union

1897                Parish of March.  North Witchford Union

May 1920        Parish of March.  North Witchford Union

Nov 1920        Parish of March.  North Witchford Union

Nov 1925        Parish of March.  North Witchford Union

The remaining books are all seriously huge and heavy if you would like to look at these and are not strong please contact us in advance so we can bring in someone whom is strong enough.

These are all March Urban District Council Rate Books

Oct 1936 –Mar 1937

Nov 1940 – Mar 1941

Nov 1946 – Mar 1947

May 1947 – Sep 1947

Apr 1978 – Sep 1948

1951 – 1973  (XXII volumes)

March Board of Health Minutes

1851 to 1905 in six volumes

March Urban District Council Minutes

1905 to 1974 in 31 volumes

Isle of Ely County Council Minute Books

1889 - 1912

1915 - 1947

1950 - 1955

A total of 55 volumes

Census Records

These records are fully indexed for name and for address.




Parish Registers

Completely indexed, copies provided by the local Family History Society.

Births 1547 - 1872

Marriages 1548 - 1872

Deaths 1548 - 1872

Burial Records

Original records; probably for Station Road Cemetery

Sale of grave plots 1837 - 1879

Burials April 1933 – March 1939

March Burial Board minutes 1865 - 1887 and 1887 - 1923

School Records

Because of the data protection act most of these records can only be made available to former pupils of the schools.

We have a large selection of records, including admission registers, and photographs of the following schools:

March Grammar School

March High School for Girls

Hereward School

We also have more limited information and photographs of all the other schools in the March District


Original books

Kelly’s Directory 1900

Kelly’s Directory 1912

Kelly’s Directory 1929 (Cambridgeshire only)

Copies from various directories for March only

1791 - 1937

March Town Records

These books are the property of March Town Council and are only on loan to the Museum so can only be made available to serious researchers with appointments to view.

The books were given arbitrary numbers by whoever wrapped and stored them in the 1960s.

They have been grouped together in these tables according to their subject.

Other Records

Journal of Inspector of Nuisances 1884 -1934

Employee records J Eggitt & Sons, Builders 1926 – 1934. Indexed.

The following are records held at the County Record Office, Cambridge relating to March.

Cambridgeshire Archives, Shire Hall, Castle Hill, Cambridge CB3 0AP. 

Telephone 01223 699399      


Parish Records

St. Wendreda

Registers: baptisms 1548-1959; marriages 1548-1939; burials 1548-1951; banns 1868-1974; graves 1832-52.

Indexed transcript of registers, CMB 1548-1872 also available.

Indulgence by Thomas Wolsey 1526; faculty for extension of gallery 1771; plan of rectory and ground 1972; alphabetical list of occupiers of property c 1803-8; records of March War Association 1917-18.

St. John

Registers: baptisms 1872-1939; marriages 1872-1962; banns 1939-1956; Churchwardens’ accounts 1876-1908; vestry minutes 1873-1903.

St. Mary

Registers: baptisms 1874-1960; marriages 1875-1967; burials 1874-1955; Churchwardens’ accounts 1943-57; plan of church and rectory site 1893.

St. Peter

Register: baptisms 1881-1955; marriages 1881-1978; burials 1881-1936; banns 1944-1980; mortgage for building parsonage 1881; roll of church members serving in the war 1939-45.


Microfilm 1941-1901 with indexed transcripts for 1841-61 and index on fiche for 1881.


Map and apportionment 1840.


Act 1792; award 1805 and map 1794.

Manorial records

Manor of March

rules for commons etc. c1669-70.

Manor of Doddington (Doddington, Benwick, March & Wimblington)

Court books 1673-1883

minutes 1686-1815

rental 1737.


March, South District

Log books 1873-1961; admission registers 1924-75; school board minutes 1879-1903; accounts 1871-83; managers’ minutes 1910-35; copy managers’ minutes 1961-74; plans 1904, 1905, 1922; agreement for erecting national schools 1827; Charity Commissioners Schemes. 1871, 1874, 1887, 1990.


Managers’ minutes 1907-35; 1974-5; plans 1904-5; 1937-1970.

March Cavalry Infants

Attendance registers 1975-90.

March Dartford

School board minutes 1879-1903; accounts 1874-83, managers’ minutes 1903-35; plans 1872-1971.

March West Fen

Log book 1890-1926; school board minutes 1889-1903; managers’ minutes 1903-26.

March Westwood

Plans 1951-68.

March Neale-Wade

Plans 1930, 1961-69; Charity Commission Schemes 1871, 1874, 1887, 1900; bequest of William Neale 1696 and Henry Wade 1713.

March Hereward

Plans 1933-72; HMI report 1949.

March High School

Specification and estimate 1908; managers’ minutes 1905-36; plans 1908-58.

Petty Sessions

Minutes 1935-76; court registers 1915-70; juvenile court registers 1934-70; licensing minutes 1842-1969; register of licenses 1921-69; adoption of children register 1928-77.

Quarter Sessions

Order books 1809-1965; return of licensed houses 1906; plans of proposed public utility schemes for railways, drainage, gas supply etc. 1826-1965.

Electorial Registers

Poll books 1705-1868; register of electors 1832, 1864, 1881, 1918, 1930-2001.

Ordnance Survey maps

Draft sheets for First Edition one-inch for Cambs. and Isle of Ely 1799-1822.

First and Second Editions 6 and 25 inch County series maps 1885 to date.


March United Reformed Church (formerly Congregational)

Church book 1836-1995; communion register 1917-41; register of baptisms 1931-88; register of marriages 1899-1978; church meeting minutes 1914-1956;deacons’ meeting minutes 1916-85; Sunday School minutes 1893-1906.

March Wesleyan Chapel

baptisms 1867-1929

Chatteris Wesleyan Circuit

baptisms 1830-37

Ely Primitive Methodist Circuit

baptisms 1826-1933

Estate maps

Survey of Lynwood Farm 1732 (photo); plan of estate in March Fen c1766-89 (photostat); Plan of High and Low Rainsey Moors in March and Doddington c1766-89; Plan of Estover Farm 1794 (photo); plan of estate of Hon. Gen. Sparrow 1805; plan of estates of Nathan Gray 1824; plan of Botany Bay Farm 1832; plan of land south of March Chain Bridge 1834.

Land Tax

1798-1801, 1936-49.