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New loan item - here for 2 years

Medallion presented to John Matthews, Quartermaster of the Doddington & March Troop of Cavalry in 1809.

We have had the guidon or flag from the Doddington & Hamlets Cavalry on display for some time. This is an amazing survival of a textile from 1798 and it had been mended many times whilst it was still in use.

The right hand image is a reconstruction, the pole went through the slot on the right.

More Interesting items below

A brass diamond shaped plate from the engine involved in the Soham explosion 2nd June 1944.  Works order No. 25205.

We thought we had managed to collect as much as we could from the Soham rail disaster when March locomotive driver Ben Gimbert was seriously injured and his fireman James Nightall was killed.

Ben and James were awarded the George Cross. We have Ben's medals on display in our Haylock Room. Visit 'Inside The Museum' page for more information.


Mercheford Morris clothing.

The Mercheford Morris group formed in 1983/4 and performed at many local events over a period of about 10 years. As members moved away or became to ancient to leap about the group folded.

Sadly a founder member, Brian Lawrence, died recently and his partner decided she needed to have a clear out. Luckily she thought of the Museum and we now have lots of items of clothing and memorabilia. How we will ever manage to display them in the Museum is another problem. The Duck costume, modelled below, is huge and very heavy but has an erectile crest and movable beak, its left eye used to wink but the string that works it has become detached.


Benwick Clock

Hung on the wall in the West Room is the face of the clock from The Church of St. Mary's, Benwick. The church was built in 1854, and the Parish Council added a clock in 1871. When the tower of the church was removed in the 1960's the future of the clock was uncertain, with the church wanting to sell it, but the people of the village wanting to keep it. It was decided to lend it to March Museum, and it has been there since. Unfortunatly, the age of the clock has gotten to it, and it now no longer works.

Benwick Church of St. MaryBenwick Church of St. Mary

Left: The Church of St. Mary, Benwick before tower and clock removed
Right: The Clock now hanging in the West Room