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To book a visit, please visit the Groups Page.

As primarily a Folk Museum with most of our exhibitions containing Victorian material Year 1 pupils enjoy visiting our Victorian room displays.

Victorian Wash Day at March Museum

Victorian ‘washday’ is very popular - the children love turning the handle of the mangle.

We have some clothing for children to try over their clothes

Whilst one group is touring the rooms and another experiencing the joys of the dolly tub, posher and mangle a third group is introduced to Victorian school life and playtime.  Three groups is optimum for Year 1 visits so please restrict each class to 30 children plus adults.

The scraping of slate pencil on slate is agony and the thought of Victorian discipline is scary but.the various hands on toys are appreciated.

Dressing up for a visit is not at all necessary but the school in the pictures on the left chose to do so, normal school wear is perfectly satisfactory.  Our volunteers do not dress up for school visits.  The clothes being worn in the pictures on the right are used during school visits.

Other ideas

This type of visit illustrates only one school educational use of the Museum and teachers are invited to visit the Museum to see what older children could gain from a visit. 

World War II is one idea that has been very successful.